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  • 31.03.2015

    The Bee2Bees Project

    Open Data for Healthy Bees

    Bees play a crucial role as pollinators: a third of our foods depend on them. But bees are in crisis: numbers of domesticated honeybees as well as wild bees are in steep decline due to increased...

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  • CC-SA-Daniel-Schwen

    EU milk quota end

    Crisis management remains necessary

    The EU milk quota system, which has been in place for 30 years, will end today. From 1 April on, there will be no instrument governing production quantities for dairy products in the EU. The...

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  • 25.03.2015

    Working conditions

    Lorry drivers cannot be subject to race to the bottom in labour standards

    The European Parliament will today debate the situation regarding working conditions and the application of the minimum wage for lorry drivers. The European Commission has asked Germany to clarify...

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  • 24.03.2015

    No subsidies for new Nuclear Power Plants!

    Rebecca Harms, Molly Scott Cato

    Our MEPs Rebecca Harms and Molly Scott Cato join the demo in front of the EU Commission against nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C. The EU Commission authorised massive governmental support for...

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