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  • 26.05.2015

    A Green Energy Union to meet our Climate Objectives

    A Greens/EFA workshop

    This conference on the Energy Union will deal with the role of the driving forces in the energy transition (cities, citizens and progressive companies) and the economics of energy transition.

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  • © Pascal Genest

    Maternity leave

    Shelving key law reform proposal would be an affront to democratic process

    The European Parliament today adopted a resolution calling on the European Commission not to proceed with its plan to withdraw draft EU legislation on maternity leave. Commenting after the vote,...

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  • Conflict minerals

    Conflict minerals

    European Parliament supports Green proposal for binding rules on conflict minerals

    The European Parliament today voted on draft EU legislation aimed at preventing conflict minerals through supply chain transparency. The vote significantly strengthened the original draft law...

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  • Copyright Vlad Mereuta

    Better regulation

    Shackling legislators would be a coup against EU democratic process

    European Commission vice-president Franz Timmermans today presented the Commission's 'better regulation' proposals. Commenting on the plan, Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe...

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