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  • No to nuclear

    Dismantling the nuclear argument

    Why nuclear is no climate-friendly solution!

    Lately there has been an increasing openness towards and support of nuclear energy in Europe. In the run-up to the COP 21 in Paris the lobbying efforts by the nuclear industry are intensifying....

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  • Reinventing medical R&D system

    Reinventing our medical R&D system

    Safeguarding universal access to medicines in the EU and in the world

    The prices of new life-saving medicines have never been so high in the EU, putting our social security models, universal rights to care-access and national budgets at risk. Poor countries don't...

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  • My#ClimateMoment


    Let's fall in love with the earth again

    Concerned about climate change? Join the community of game changers now. Check out our climate campaign, help promote the change, let your voice be heard and share your ‪#‎ClimateMoment‬.

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