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    Commission Test

    Blog on the nominations and hearings for the new Commission

    Welcome to our blog on the nominations and hearings for the new European Commissioner candidates.Below you will find our group's opinion on and analysis of the nominees and their portfolios, with...

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  • 16.09.2014

    EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

    Compromise on free trade is a political disgrace

    The European Parliament today voted to endorse the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The Greens/EFA group welcomed the ratification of the Association Agreement but expressed concern with a new...

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  • 17.09.2014

    Access to healthcare

    EU must act to address prohibitively high price of life-saving medicines

    The European Parliament last night debated the issue of life-saving medicines and the excessively high pricing in certain member states. Speaking in the context of the debate, Green vice-president...

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