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    Transparent, clean, accountable

    Lessons from international best practice for the EU institutions

    70 percent of EU citizens believe the institutions of the Union to be corrupt. The European Commission’s first anti-corruption report puts the losses caused by bribery across Europe at EUR 120...

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  • © Magnus D

    Refugee crisis

    Chaotic and inhumane response across Europe cannot be tolerated

    The Greens/EFA group is supporting calls for a high-level debate in the European Parliament next week, ahead of the emergency meeting of EU home affairs ministers on 14 September and anticipated...

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  • My#ClimateMoment


    Let's fall in love with the earth again

    Concerned about climate change? Join the community of game changers now. Check out our climate campaign, help promote the change, let your voice be heard and share your ‪#‎ClimateMoment‬.

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