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  • 01.12.2015

    Transparency of Meetings with Lobbyists

    The Green/EFA group is committed to lobbying transparency and to the equal access of stakeholders to the decision-making process. That is why we are now the first political group in the European...

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  • © Guillermo Perales Gonzalez

    UN climate talks

    EU must regain leadership role and make Paris climate summit a success

    The COP21 UN climate summit is set to open on Monday with a meeting of heads and state and government from around the world. The summit is then set to last two weeks, with expectations it will...

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  • Copyright Vlad Mereuta

    EP tax investigation

    EP president Schulz blocking investigative work

    The European Parliament's conference of presidents today failed to agree on extending the mandate of EP's special committee investigating taxation. EP president Martin Schulz and the socialist...

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  • Very Worrying VolksWagen scandal

    Car pollution scandal

    EP inquiry must be finalised without delay

    The socialist (S&D) group today added its support to a proposal made by the Greens/EFA group to set up a parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate the car pollution scandal. With a...

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