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  • 01.10.2015

    Internet as a Commons

    Public Space in the Digital Age

    The Internet as a whole has become an important part of our global public sphere. Internet provides access to a wealth of information and knowledge, and the possibility to participate, create and...

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  • 30.09.2015

    Capital Markets Union

    Crucial project cannot be smokescreen for financial deregulation

    The European Commission today presented an action plan on creating the much-anticipated Capital Markets Union, setting out measures it intends to propose to this end. Commenting on the action plan,...

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  • 24.09.2015

    EU summit/refugee crisis

    Small pieces of the puzzle agreed for EU asylum policy but comprehensive solution must follow

    Commenting on the outcome of the EU summit on the refugee crisis, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said:"EU governments are slowly moving towards a more common response to the refugee...

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