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  • 23.09.2016

    6 reasons to ban GM plant cultivation in the EU

    On Friday 14 October, the EU Commission will probably submit to the Standing Committee on plants, animals, food and feed three draft regulations aimed at renewal of the authorisation of cultivation...

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  • 21.09.2016


    Trade Ministers must not wave through unjust trade agreements

     EU trade ministers and Commissioner Malmström will meet tomorrow and Friday (22-23 September) to discuss free trade agreements with Canada (CETA) and the US (TTIP).Deputy Chairman of the...

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  • Tax avoidance

    Bahamas Leaks

    Neelie Kroes revelations a perfect example of why people are losing trust in politicians

    A new investigation from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) reveals that former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes breached the EU Commission’s Code of Conduct by...

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  • 15.09.2016

    The Monsanto Tribunal

    Because industrial agriculture is endangering farmers, citizens, the ecosystems and our future

    Industrial agriculture has developed rapidly in so called developed countries in the wake of Second World War in an attempt to avoid famines and restore food sovereignty in the countries most...

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