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  • 23.04.2015

    EU migration summit

    Europe's shame continues as leaders focus on deterrence instead of sea rescue

    Commenting ahead of today's summit of EU heads of state and government, which will discuss last week's tragedies involving refugees in the Mediterranean and the EU response, Greens/EFA co-president...

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  • 24.04.2015

    Bangladesh/Rana Plaza tragedy

    European businesses need to finally live up to their responsibility, two years on

    Today is the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, which has been recognised as the most deadly textile factory accident, with over 1,110 fatalities. The tragedy was marked in...

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  • Don't open the door to GMOs in Europe

    GMO approvals

    Cynical approval of 19 GMOs by EU Commission reinforces democratic concerns

    The European Commission today announced it was approving 10 new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for food or feed use and renewing 7 existing authorisations, as well as approving 2 new...

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  • ©Photo European Parliament-ArchitectureStudio

    Strasbourg Flash

    Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 27-30 April 2015

    Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary include Europe's refugee shame and sea rescue, Bangladesh tragedy and the textile industry's responsibility, fishery discards, reducing plastic bag...

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