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Agricultural inputs

EP set out measures to tackle problems of market concentration for farm inputs



The European Parliament today adopted a

report by Green draftsman José Bové on how to deal with the challenges faced by

farmers with regard to farm inputs (fertilisers, seeds, feed, energy etc.),

notably increased market concentration and resulting increased costs. After the

vote, draftsman and vice-chair of the EP agriculture committeeJosé Bové said:



EP has today called for effective measures to tackle the problems of increasing

concentration of the farm input industry, notably increasing input costs for

farmers. The report calls for greater transparency on margins and robust

measures against abuse of market dominance.



the report also makes clear that another agricultural model is possible. It

proposes measures to reduce inputs costs via more balanced agro-environmental

farming systems (less fertilizers and pesticides), which also respond to

challenges like climate change and loss of soil fertility and biodiversity."