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Relever les défis actuels: Suivez la conférence en direct

Conférence publique
From 10 Mai, 19:30 to 11 Mai 2012, 13:00
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture
Philip de Langes Allée 10 - 1435 Copenhagen K - DK


Pre-registration has now closed
Don't forget you can register at the venue from 1 hour before the first panel starts on Thursday evening.


Thursday 10 May  19:30-21:30 

The ongoing Arab Spring and the EU's response

  • Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Co-President Greens/EFA Group
  • Mr Villy Søvndal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
  • Mrs Basma Kodmani, Member of the executive Bureau and Head of the foreign relations for the Syrian National Council, Syria
  • Mr Samir Frangié, Lebanese intellectual, former member of the Lebanese Parliament, author of the book "Au bout de la violence" (Journey through violence), Lebanon
  • Mr Kamel Jendoubi, President of the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE), Tunisia
  • NN, Representative of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs


Friday 11 May  10:00-13:00 

Green Jobs - A Way Out of the Crisis

10:00 Opening & Introduction: Green Jobs in Times of Crisis
Mrs Rebecca Harms
, Co-President Greens/EFA Group

10:15 Key Note Speech: Greening Jobs and Growth Potential in Europe
Prof. Diana Mangalagiu,
Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, University of Oxford

10:35 The Danish Government Programme for Green Job Creation and EU-Presidency Priorities
Mrs Ida Auken, Minister of Environment, Denmark

10:55  Short Q&A

11:15 Energy Efficiency as Job Machine
Mr Claude Turmes, Vice-President Greens/EFA Group

11:35 Benefits of more ambitious Energy Policies - A Business Perspective
Mr Ulrich Bang, EU Chef Danskenergi

11:50 A Green Business Model and the Danish Resource Strategy
Mr Thomas Becker, CEO Genan Business and Development

12:05 Short Q&A

12:30 Closing Remarks
Mrs Rebecca Harms
, Co-President Greens/EFA Group

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