Forests around the world are on fire. The Arctic is almost ice-free. We are experiencing one of the five warmest years since weather records. Scientists are sounding the alarm. And the European Parliament has voted to change that. Thanks to your pressure, the European Parliament voted on October 8 for our amendments to the European Climate Law and with that for the most progressive Climate Policy in history.

Now, on the 10th of December, it is up to the EU Heads of State and Governments, to decide on a progressive European Climate and on your future. We, the European Parliament, are the voice of the European citizens. We have voted for a climate law that hears the alarming call of science to act on climate and the demand of European citizens for climate protection. Now it’s time to start the negotiations with the European Parliament and act now on Climate. The Prime Ministers have to listen to science by voting in favour of the 2050 climate neutrality target to be legally binding on member states level, in favour of a 60% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target until 2030, in favour of ending fossil fuel subsidies, in favour of an independent scientific Climate Council and in favour of a Climate Budget.

But they will not do so without your pressure! Tell your prime minister to vote for your future and a progressive European Climate Law!