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  • Game over - EU Commission test

    Commission Test

    Blog on the nominations and hearings for the new Commission

    The game is over. The new College of the European Commission was voted by the European Parliament. Our blog provides an analysis of the proposed EU Commissioners, their remits and the hearings

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  • 21.10.2014

    EU summit

    European climate and energy policy risks being undone

    For the Greens, there is a real risk that this week's summit could undo EU climate and energy policy if EU leaders follow the weak proposals set out by the European Commission.

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  • Stop EU subsidies on bullfighting - petition

    Stop European subsidies on bullfighting!

    Support the Green amendment and sign the petition

    On 22 October, Members of the European Parliament will vote on a Green proposal to stop EU funds for bullfighting and the related industry for this brutal and cruel activity. Help convince them by...

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