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  • 28.06.2016

    EU Global Strategy for the European Union's Foreign and Security

    Greens/EFA Group issues alternative EU strategy

    The Greens/EFA Group has today issued 27 specific recommendations on how to make a substantial contribution to security and peace. They welcome parts of Mogherini's strategy but stress that sets...

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  • 24.06.2016

    Philippe Lamberts reacts to the disappointing #EUref outcome

    Statement by Greens/EFA Co-President

    EU governments must work together to deliver a decisive response, which can shore up confidence in the EU

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  • 29.06.2016

    Tax is a feminist issue!

    A Greens/EFA conference

    There is a unanimous concern among activists, experts and academics on the gender bias of tax systems, and, furthermore, on how the contemporary tax reforms may increase the incidence of taxation...

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  • Type approval

    Revision of type approval legislation

    Ensuring this proposal is fit for purpose in the aftermath of the Volkswagen scandal

    This conference will deal with the independence and proper functioning of type-approval authorities and technical services; the market surveillance and withdrawal of cars and also about making data...

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