Women's Rights

Feminicide has reached "alarming proportions"

UN Special Rapporteur Rashida Manjoo to present her 2012 report in the EP

UN Special Rapporteur Rashida Manjoo honours a terrible fact in her latest report "Gender-related killings of women": more and more women are killed around the world, just because they are women. The vast majority of these crimes take place with absolute impunity, which many observers con...

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Boardroom quotas for women

Commission urged not give in to bullying tactics and present legislative proposals

In an open letter to Commission president Barroso and vice-president Reding today (1), the Greens urged the Commission to publish planned legislation introducing boardroom quotas for women as soon as possible. The Greens criticised the initiative by a group of EU member state governments seeking to ...

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Women in the Green Economy

A gender perspective for sustainable development

The Greens/EFA group welcomed today a report criticising the lack of integration of gender concerns in policies and programmes for sustainable development. The role of women in the green and sustainable economy is often underestimated or ignored completely in international and EU wide programmes. A...

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ECB executive board

EP takes steps to address exclusion of women from ECB board

The European Parliament's economic and monetary affairs committee has halted the appointment process for a new nominee to the executive board of the European Central Bank, after cross-party criticisms about the failure to consider any female candidates for the vacancy. Coordinators of the committee ...

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Gender and Asylum

EU asylum process is failing women

During 2010, over 257,000 asylum applications were made across the EU, 35 per cent of which were made by women or girls.  For thousands of these women, the experience of attempting to claim asylum was one hallmarked by crippling shame, anxiety and confusion. For this is a process where ...


Equal pay for equal work

Franziska Brantner

Equal pay for equal work is a basic principle in the EU. Despite this, women continue to earn less than men. Equal Pay was in the Treaty since Rome in 1957 and we have EU legislation since 1975, yet the pay gap still exists,


Equal pay for equal work!

Gender pay gap still exists in all member states

Equal pay for equal work has been one of the most basic principals of the European Community since its foundation in 1957.  However, despite legislation, women continue to earn less than men. On average women needed to work until 2nd March in order to earn as much as men had earned the year bef...


Equal pay for equal work

Franziska Brantner

The EP women's rights committee adopted a report calling on the EU Commission to come forward with proposals to ensure equal pay for equal work between women and men. Green MEP Franziska Brantner explains why this is important.

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Equal pay for equal work

High time for change

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Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary session Strasbourg 17-20 April 2012

Priorities of the Greens/EFA Group for the April 2012 plenary session included the situation in Syria, the common corporate tax base, the taxation of energy products, the EU-US PNR agreement, the financing of ITER, the report on women and climate change...

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Co-Presidents' session briefing

Recorded livestream Strasbourg Weds. 18 April

During the Strasbourg Plenary session briefing, Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Dany Cohn-Bendit presented the key issues of the plenary session for the Greens/EFA group

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Calls to boost number of women in political decision making

EFA group has majority female MEPs

MEPs from the European Parliament's European Free Alliance group are backing moves to boost the role of women in political decision making, and to close the gender pay gap. The European Free Alliance in the European Parliament has a majority of female members. Proposals to reduce the gender pay gap ...