Women's Rights

Women in work

Mandatory quotas only way to ensure low level of women in management positions addressed

The European Commission today presented its progress report on women in economic decision-making positions, announcing its intention to launch a consultation with a view to introducing legislation, including provisions for boardroom quotas. The Greens welcomed the proposals and urged the Commission ...

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International Human Rights Day

Added symbolism as Peace Prize Awarded to Three Women

  Three women from African and Arab states will today be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  With added symbolism, the Liberians Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee as well as the Yemeni Tawakkul Karman will receive this prize on International Human Rights Day. This is an important sign a...

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The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal

A study commissioned by the Greens/EFA

The Greens managed to mainstream ecological concerns and to show that working, living, producing and consuming environmentally friendly is necessary and beneficiary. Now that the Green movement and their parties came so far, they have to manage to mainstream also the other parts of their values, foremost gender equality as a topic relevant in all areas

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Family Reunification Legislation in Europe

Is it Discriminatory for Migrant Women?

The hearing will deal with the issues of the implementation of the family reunification directive in the EU and the family reunification policies and their consequences on migrant women’s lives

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Women and climate change

Nicole Kiil-Nielsen and Commissioner Connie Hedegaard


Women and Climate Change

Prize winners and finalists of the essay contest

Climate change and climate impacts are not gender neutral.  Gender equality is a critical component of responses to climate change at all levels - it should be integrated in all aspects of climate change planning and decision making. At first glance, it might seem unintuitive to link climate c...


Women in business

EP calls for increased share of women on company boards or mandatory EU quotas

The European Parliament today adopted a report on women in business, calling on businesses to increase the number of women in leading positions or face EU quotas. After the vote, Green MEP Marije Cornelissen said: "The current situation where only 12% of board members and 3% of CEO's of big com...

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Greening the labour market

A conference about green jobs in Europe

In the context of the European Commission Green Paper on green jobs, the conference will deal with issues such as the promotion of a socially just transition as well as green jobs for women. Good practices examples will be presented

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Pregnant Workers Directive

Plaid MEP condemns UK government for blocking improved maternity leave

The ConDem UK Government is reported to be amongst a number of EU states trying to block new EU legislation to improve maternity leave. On Friday (17 June) EU ministers meeting in Brussels are set to discuss the Pregnant Workers Directive. The new law was approved by the European Parliament last Oc...


International Women’s Day

Rebecca Harms

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day


International Women's Day - EU must do more to tackle inequality

EFA press release

On International Women's Day (Tuesday 8 March) MEPs Jill Evans (Wales) and Frieda Brepoels (Flanders) are calling for more focussed action at EU level to tackle inequality and eliminate poverty. The European Parliament in Strasbourg held a special debate to mark the 100th anniversary of Internation...