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Exports with military use

New EU rules will fail to safeguard against misuse of dual-use exports

The European Parliament today voted to adopt a legislative compromise on EU rules governing the export of dual-use items, goods and technology with both civil and military uses. The Greens criticised the outcome, which will fail to ensure the proper oversight of these goods prior to their export. After the vote, Green industry spokesperson Reinhard Bütikofer said:

"Today's outcome will fail to provide for the necessary safeguards to prevent the misuse of exports with a potential military use. The Greens believe that the export of these sensitive goods and technology needs to be controlled prior to the export (ex-ante control), and regret that this is not reflected in the final legislative compromise adopted today.

"Watertight controls on the export of dual-use goods are crucial for preventing authoritarian regimes and military groups accessing arms and other military technology. Recent high profile cases of authoritarian regimes brutally suppressing democratic opposition movements with the aid of dual-use technologies has underlined the need for stricter export controls. Today's vote represents a missed opportunity to ensure this."