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CIA rendition and illegal detention

EP shines spotlight on new revelations of abuses in EU member states

The European Parliament's civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee today adopted a report by Green MEP Hélène Flautre dealing with new revelations of secret detention centres and extraordinary 'renditions' in EU member states. The report, which comes 5 years after an original special inquiry by the EU Parliament, highlights new revelations of human rights violations and the complicity of EU governments with the CIA to this end - notably regarding Romania, Poland and Lithuania. After the vote, EP rapporteur/draftsperson and Green MEP Hélène Flautre stated:

"The EP has again shone the spotlight on serious human rights abuses by the CIA and delivered a rebuke to those EU member states complicit in these abuses. MEPs have come under considerable pressure from different national and other interests, seeking to keep a lid on these allegations, but thankfully they stood firm and voted in favour of this report. The new revelations of extraordinary renditions, illegal detention centres and torture are shocking and cannot simply be brushed under the carpet.

"The report calls for the affected EU member states to launch independent investigations into the abuses and to follow up the findings with clear action. The European Commission should also follow up on this and coordinate the investigation of these systematic abuses at EU level. The Council should openly acknowledge that these abuses took place and take measures to address them. For its part, the European Parliament must be vigilant and ensure member states and EU institutions finally take action."

(1) The report is scheduled to be voted on by the European Parliament as a whole at its September plenary session (10-13 September).