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Online discrimination in the Netherlands

EP defends core EU values and condemns Dutch government's indifference

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution criticising the Dutch government's handling of an openly discriminatory website being promoted by Dutch far right party PVV (1). After the vote, Dutch Green MEP Marije Cornelissen stated:

"This opprobrious website, which actively promotes discrimination and xenophobic attitudes against EU citizens who are exercising their right under EU law to live and work in another member state, should be roundly condemned, particularly by the Dutch government.

"The EP has today spoken up in favour of core EU values but all EU governments should also do so. It is regrettable that Dutch prime minister Rutte lacks the gumption to condemn this website and defend the rights and values on which the European Union is founded.

"EU citizens have the right to move, live, study and work wherever in the EU they like and should be welcomed, not discriminated against."

(1) The website encourages Dutch citizens to report complaints against central and Eastern Europeans living in the Netherlands.