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Climate action will bring over one million new jobs

New study

The new study: The 2030 Climate Target - How more climate action boosts the economy, commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament calculates that there could be over one million new jobs in the renewable energy and e-mobility sectors, if 60% of emissions reduction targets are met. The Greens/EFA group are calling for emissions reductions of 65% by 2030 to meet keep global temperature rises beneath 1.5c of warming. The study comes shortly before the next round of negotiations on the European Climate Law on 12 March.

Michael Bloss MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on the European Climate Law in the Environmental Committee, comments:
"We have it in black and white, climate action will boost the economy, create jobs and protect the climate. More than one million jobs from climate action is a way out of the economic crisis and will make the economic recovery and Green Deal a reality. Drastically lowering greenhouse gas emissions is a win-win for the climate and the economy.

"This latest report shows that ambition will bring economic success. We urgently need a proper coal phase-out and an to the production of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. Energy from 80 percent renewable sources by 2030 and the electrification of the automobile industry will promote the development of future technologies. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are already benefiting from the energy transition, such as those that build solar systems on roofs and insulate houses. The expansion of renewable energies is lowering electricity prices and will benefit all."

Bas Eickhout MEP, Greens/EFA Vice Chair of the Environment Committee, comments:
"The Paris agreement must be at the heart of the negotiations on the European Climate Law. We call on the EU governments to increase their ambitions for climate action and to agree to a CO2 budget, and a scientific European Climate Council. EU governments and the Commission have so far lacked ambitious and constructive proposals.

"The science tells us that the if the EU is to stay true to the Paris Agreement objective to stay below 1.5°C of warming, then we must reduce our own emissions by at least 65 percent by 2030. We cannot settle for the current goal of -55% by the Commission and Council. This study shows that even minus 60% will produces hugely beneficial results. The EU must seize the opportunity of a strong European climate law and go to the UN climate summit as a global leader."

"The 2030 Climate Target - How more climate action boosts the economy"
("60% fewer emissions by 2030 - assessing policy action")

Webinar: "The 2030 Climate Target - How more climate action boosts the economy", Today (5 March), 12 noon with Michael Bloss (Greens/EFA Group shadow rapporteur on the European Climate Bill), Bas Eickhout (Vice-Chair of the Environment Committee), Terhi Lehtonen (State Secretary at the Finnish Ministry of the Environment), Unnada Chewpeecha (author of the study, Cambridge Econometrics). Register here.



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