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Commission bans disconnections but puts renewables and nuclear on equal footing

Electricity Market Reform

The European Commission has today presented its proposal for the reform of the electricity market. The proposal aims to avoid skyrocketing prices for electricity in the future. However, the Greens/EFA Group are highly critical that renewables and nuclear energy receive equal treatment.

Michael Bloss MEP, Greens/EFA negotiator for the reform and Member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and the Environment Committee, comments:

"The proposal is a gift to the nuclear industry and a redistribution from the bottom up; from the pockets of consumers into the hands of nuclear energy companies. Nuclear energy is not compatible with a sustainable energy supply. Investing in nuclear energy means investing in the past: Nuclear energy is expensive and depends on massive state subsidies. The green transition must be based on one hundred percent renewables.

“The ban on electricity disconnections is a great success. The Greens/EFA Group are calling for discounted electricity tariffs for low-income households. Lighting and heating must not become luxury goods. People have the right to energy, fair contracts and the freedom to produce and share their own energy.

“Fortunately, there has been a realisation that it was not market failure that caused last year's skyrocketing electricity bills, it was dependence on fossil gas and the extremely high prices that came with it. We must develop alternative energy sources and reduce dependence on fossil fuels."


The Commission's proposed ban on electricity disconnections for people who cannot pay their electricity bills is a major success. Renewable energies, as the cheapest energies, retain their competitive advantage and may continue to be the first to be fed into the European electricity grid. The wholesale price on the market will continue to be determined by the most expensive technology, such as natural gas.


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