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Transparency and anti-corruption

EU rules on whistleblower protection must be prioritised

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the fight against fraud. The report included a clear call on the European Commission to bring forward a legislative proposal on the protection of whistleblowers. After the vote, Green transparency spokesperson Benedek Javor said:

"It is high time that whistleblowers were guaranteed protection across Europe. MEPs today delivered a clear message to the EU Commission that it must propose legislation to this end and stop stalling. Whistleblowers play a hugely important role in a democracy, ensuring vital information in the public interest is brought to light, and they deserve protection for fulfilling this role. The LuxLeaks case is just the latest example of this. The precariousness of whistleblowing must end.

"The report also set out a number of other important recommendations to tackle fraud and corruption in the EU, including VAT fraud. It includes a call to finally establish a European public prosecutor's office to ensure the EU has the resources to properly investigate and clamp down on fraud and corruption, notably of EU funds. Tackling fraud with regard to EU funds is crucial for the credibility of the EU funds and member states and the Commission must redouble their efforts to this end."


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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
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