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Exhibition “1000 Dreams”

Our understanding of the refugee experience most often comes through stories told by others, creating incomplete and biased perceptions.

Refugees are depicted as either a threat to European society and identity, or helpless victims who must be rescued. These stereo­types don’t take into account the huge diversity of refugee experi­ences. They form attitudes that affect policies and practices which have severe negative impacts on the lives of refugees and the societies in which they find themselves.

For the narrative to change, refugee voices must be heard. “1000 Dreams” allows us to know the stories of people on the move and to learn about their strengths, their challenges, and their dreams.

The interviews and photographs that make up 1000 Dreams have been produced by 50 refugees who currently reside in Europe. Every refugee storyteller went through a workshop and mentorship program, teaching them photography and interviewing skills. It’s a project about refugees, by refugees.

1000 Dreams is a project created and run by Witness Change.

This exhibition has been organised and financed with the support of Heinrich Böll Foundation Thessaloniki and the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.

2 openings of the exhibition are organised in Strasbourg:

  • 10th July - Opening in the EP in Strasbourg (Swan Bar) at 19h 
    with MEP Erik Marquardt, 2 refugee photographers, representatives of Witness Change and HB Thessaloniki. Followed by a cocktail - no registration needed
  • 11th July - Opening in the Strasbourg town hall at 18h30 
    with Mayor Jeanne Barseghian, MEP Damien Carême, a refugee photographer, representatives of Witness Change and HB Thessaloniki. Followed by a cocktail - please register with 


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Responsible MEPs

Erik Marquardt
Erik Marquardt

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