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A transition to a climate friendly economy is possible now

Climate debate

Members of the European Parliament will debate strategies against climate change this morning. Every week more and more young people go on climate strike because they do not accept that the measures taken by the European Union and its Member States are sufficient to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, as agreed in the Paris climate targets.

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament had taken the initiative to invite a group of young activists to the European Parliament together with S&D and GUE. The resolution on the climate debate will be voted on Thursday, a day before global climate strikes and protests.

Bas Eickhout, climate spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group and leading candidate of the European Greens for the European elections comments:

"More and more young people are getting tired of politicians that have nice words for them but don’t take action against climate change. In the last weeks of this parliamentary term we need to take bold steps to get serious on climate protection. We must raise our emission reduction targets to net zero by 2050, and beyond 55% by 2030. EU Member States must commit to strong reduction targets before the UN global climate summit in September.

"We can rapidly transition to a green economy and gain from the innovation, sustainable investment and jobs that it will bring. We have no excuses not to become the world's leader in transitioning our cities, economies, financial system and infrastructure to sustainable and green alternatives. The transport and agriculture sectors must play their part in the transition to climate-friendly economy.

"The EU and Member States must completely divest from fossil fuels and massively invest in sustainable transport, renewable energy and resource efficiency.

"Conservative MEPs in particular must stop consistently putting the lobby interests of the fossil fuels, finance and automotive industries before the needs of citizens and the planet. We have no time left to limit global warming to 1.5c, as proposed by the IPCC."

You can watch the debate here live now: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/home.html


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Bas Eickhout

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