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EU condemns unpaid internships

The European Parliament has passed a resolution on Empowering Youth: post-pandemic employment and social recovery. Unfortunately the Greens/EFA Group proposed an amendment to push for an EU-wide ban on unpaid internships which failed to pass because of the votes against from the EPP and Renew. 


Diana Riba EFA MEP welcomes the passing of the report: 

“We are concerned to see the obvious difficulties young people in Europe encounter in joining the labour market and the numbers of youth unemployment are further proof that the situation requires decisive action”.

“The reality is that precariousness has become a chronic problem that makes it impossible for young people to build any kind of vital project.”

“This resolution, however, is only one of the many steps we will have to take during this European Year of Youth. Our commitment can only be to provide political responses to the demands that young people have made over these years of pandemic.”

“We will continue to work on incorporating the voice of young people from an intersectional perspective into all debates because there is no social impulse where young people do not show us time and again that they have much to say.”


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Responsible MEPs

Diana Riba i Giner
Diana Riba i Giner
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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