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European Union must defend multilateralism

Trade dispute with the USA

US President Donald Trump has extended the deadline for tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from the European Union until 1 June. 

Ska Keller, co-president of the Greens/EFA Group, comments:

"The European Union must use this postponement as an opportunity to vigorously defend multilateralism. The EU should take this case to the World Trade Organization. To counter Trump’s reckless protectionist agenda, the EU needs a common strategy. Until the WTO reaches a decision, action to protect European industry and jobs will be needed. But we must avoid escalation - a trade war would be a losing situation for everyone."

Greens/EFA trade spokesperson Yannick Jadot adds:

"This situation should be a wake-up call. Europe needs to take steps to make our economy less vulnerable to Donald Trump's whims. A strong industrial policy that defends European workers and supports the move to a low carbon economy would put the EU on a stronger footing when facing up to Trump's bullying tactics." 


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