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MEPs urge for deescalation on the Kosovo-Serbia border

This evening, on the Greens/EFA Group’s initiative, Members of the European Parliament will debate the tensions between Kosovo and Serbia with EU Commissioner Janez Lenarčič and the Spanish Presidency.  In the upcoming October II plenary session, MEPs will vote on a resolution. 

Viola von Cramon MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur for Kosovo and Greens/EFA Group Shadow Rapporteur for Serbia, comments:

“Peace and democracy are fragile and under threat in the Balkans today. The build-up of tensions and troops on the Kosovo-Serbia border is alarming and we need an urgent de-escalation of the situation. The EU needs to lift its sanctions against Kosovo and be tough on the Serbian government. Any external interference or destabilisation efforts on the territory of Kosovo should stop, and perpetrators need to be held accountable.

“The EU must use its power in the region and all available tools to moderate a European solution to the current crisis, which preserves peace. Both the Commission and the Council need to change their approach towards Kosovo and Serbia in order for the EU to be an honest broker. The Western Balkans must not fall back into the politics of division and hate.”



Press release
Press release
David Sedlecký CC BY-SA 4.0

Responsible MEPs

Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel

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