Electric mobility

Greens/EFA position paper

Despite the climate targets and policies in the EU, greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector keep growing. Unlike the power sector, the transport sector is still almost completely dependent on oil as a source of energy. A shift towards a sustainable transport system must be a priority for the EU if we want to reach our emission reduction targets for 2050.

Electric vehicles can be one part of a solution to cut emissions from the transport sector, and in the longer run, when transport needs to be fully decarbonised, the options available are electric vehicles and sustainable second (or third/fourth ...) generation biofuels. Electricity can also play an important role in improving resource efficiency in transport.

There are however several threats that can turn this opportunity into a greenwashing project for electricity producers and car manufacturers. The Greens/EFA want various loopholes to be cleared until e-vehicles can be seen as a sustainable part of the future transport and power system (...)

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