Press release

EFA Group - Committee Membership

Appointments to European Parliamentary committees have now been confirmed for members of the European Free Alliance (EFA) Group in the European Parliament. The EFA Group was formed in 1999 and brings together representatives of stateless nations, regions and disadvantaged minorities.

EFA MEPs' committee membership is listed below.

François Alfonsi (PNC, Corsica)
* Regional Development (Full)
* Economic and Monetary Affairs (Alternate)
* Budgets (Alternate)

Frieda Brepoels (N-VA, Flanders)
* Foreign Affairs (Full)
* Transport & Tourism (Alternate)
* Subcommittee on Human Rights (Alternate)

Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru, Wales & President EFA Group)
* Environment, Public Health & Food Safety (Full)
* Agriculture & Rural Development (Alternate)

Ian Hudghton (Scottish National Party)
* Fisheries (Full)
* Regional Development (Full)
* Internal Market & Consumer Protection (Alternate)

Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya)
* Petitions (Full)
* Culture & Education (Alternate)
* Industry, Research & Energy (Alternate)

Alyn Smith (Scottish National Party)
* Agriculture & Rural Development (Full)
* Constitutional Affairs (Alternate)
* Culture & Education (Alternate)

Tatjana Zdanoka (PCTVL - Latvia)
* Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs (Full)
* Petitions (Full)
* Employment & Social Affairs (Alternate)