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Europe must reject failed austerity

Press release from Jill Evans MEP

Speaking on the occasion of today's European Summit, Plaid MEP Jill Evans has called on EU leaders to reject failed austerity measures, and refocus on investment to promote growth and jobs.

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for an informal summit that will focus on Europe's economic difficulties including the crisis in the eurozone and the failure of many European countries to emerge from recession.

The Plaid Cymru President used a special debate in the European Parliament to criticise the failure of austerity and point out its social consequences for people across Europe. Ms Evans highlighted growing youth unemployment in Wales, and increasing job losses amongst women.

Speaking in the European Parliament, Jill Evans said:

"We are seeing the unacceptable social costs of the austerity measures.

"We have to turn around our ailing economy in order to achieve a sustainable economy but we can't solve the problem by using the same policies that brought us here in the first place.

"In my own constituency in Wales, youth unemployment is rising dramatically and women are losing jobs at an alarming rate.

"Yet there is huge potential to build a thriving economy.

"We need an economy in which we can foster enterprise, combat inequality, create green jobs and support community and co-operative organisations.

"We need procurement models that are accessible to small businesses to help the local economy and create employment. We need to invest in improving housing, health and the environment that will create millions of jobs as well as improving society. We have to look to the future and start re-focussing investment including the huge possibilities of the structural funds and the EIB.

"We have to look at jobs that can put people back to work and that are sustainable in the long term."