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Debate on the future of Europe

Part 1 - The (dire) state of the Union


From Ukraine to Syria, in a terror-stricken context, from refugees to economic imbalances, the accumulation of the internal and external crises, is laying bare the current limits of EU integration and intergovernmental solutions. Solidarity is receding and with it the spirit of European integration. Citizens’ disconnection from the institutions has morphed into strong anti-establishment populist movements, often of the worst radical right colours. And foreign powers do not shy from fanning the flames of the internal crises, fostering further EU destabilisation.



  • Caroline De Gruyter - NL
    Author and free-lance journalist; European Affairs correspondent for the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, based in Vienna; she was posted to Brussels twice and spent the past fifteen years covering Europe including especially the euro crisis.
  • Gael Brustier - FR
    French intellectual of the younger generation, formerly close to the PS; leading analyst of the political shift towards the populist far-right at European level.




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