3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament

A Greens/EFA conference



Registration and coffee 09:50-10:00
Key Note
by Karsten Gerloff, President, Free Software Foundation Europe 10h00-11h20

Panel I - Data portability and privacy in the eHealth sector

  • Eva Lichtenberger, MEP Greens/EFA (Austria) 
  • Judith Sargentini, MEP Greens/EFA (Netherlands)
  • Giorgos Rossides, Policy Officer, DG JUST
  • Joe McNamee, Executive Director, EDRi
  • Christoph Wild, Speaker, Initiative InnsbruckOpen.org
  • Guido van't Noordende, Faculty of Science, Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam  
  • Achim Klabunde, Head of Sector IT policy, EDPS
  • Karsten Gerloff, President, FSFE
Coffee Break  11:40-12:45

Panel II - Open standards for critical digital infrastructure

Amelia Andersdotter, MEP Piratpartiet (Sweden) Panellists: 
  • David Barnard-Wills, Senior Research Analyst Trilateral Research & Consulting LLP
  • Jan Schallaböck, Lawyer at the office of the data protection officer of Schleswig Holstein
  • Peter Matjasic, President of European Youth Forum
  • Martina Sindelar, the ICT for Competitiveness and Industrial Innovation Unit, DG Enterprise
Questions and closing remarks


Panel I will cover the relatively new concept of data portability and the need for robust patient centric privacy in the eHealth sector. Is the current debate and parliamentary work on the Data Protection Regulation[1] addressing these issues in a way that is meaningful in a real world context? And can the fundamental right to privacy be undermined by so called legitimate interests of large medical institutions, private as well as public? Will a right to data portability help ensure effective privacy? And does Open Standards play a role to achieve that? Panel II will cover the importance of infrastructural  choices, and how we can effectively make transparent or open infrastructures through adequate industrial leadership. How do we handle political responsibility in defining the frameworks for those choices within the scope of the eID & eSignature regulation[2], and how do  public institutions and publicly elected bodies currently try to address these issues? [1] Personal data protection: processing and free movement of data (General Data Protection Regulation) http://parltrack.euwiki.org/dossier/2012/0011%28COD%29
[2] Electronic transactions in the internal market: electronic identification and trust services, Repealing Directive 1999/93/EC 1998/0191(COD) http://parltrack.euwiki.org/dossier/2012/0146%28COD%29