Innovation in the agri-food sector

For and by the people!

Sustainable, eco-responsible innovations exist in the agriculture and food sector and are producing amazing results. While answering the demands of civil society concerning the environment, they are economically sound and solve the real problems of their users instead of creating new needs.  These innovations come partly from scientists, but also from participative forms of research involving stakeholders and citizens.

Fostering innovation while respecting the precautionary principle


  • Dr David Gee: Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the Precautionary Principle 
  • Alexia Rouby (DG Agriculture and Rural Development - European Commission): The European Innovation Partnership - Agri program 
  • Norbert Steinhaus (Wissenschaftsladen Bonn): International Science Shop Network, principle and results in the agri/food sector
  • Nina Holland (Corporate Europe Observatory): What strategy behind the innovation principle? 


Practical innovation in the food and farming sector


  • Véronique Chable (INRA): Participatory plant breeding in France
  • Maria Pelletier (Moulins Marion): Sourcing protein crops locally and long-term contractualization with local farmers
  • Jean-Maxime Buisson (farmer): Holistic animal health strategy in an organic poultry farm
  • Yuna Chiffoleau (INRA): Short food circuits with a social dimension 

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European Parliament, Room ASP1G3, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels


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