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Investing in a sustainable future

Croatian society mobilised for climate and environment


According to most experts, with agriculture, fisheries, hydropower and tourism directly affected (roughly about a quarter of the economy) the strongest effect of climate change on Croatia would be on one of the country's most important asset: its natural resources. So, while climate change matters are not perceived as an immediate concern by the broader public, environmental questions, and the struggles they may cause, remain a useful way to raise awareness and start mobilising. The recently recurring floods, one disastrous concrete sample of these impacts, allowed for a first awakening. And currently three issues have become focal points in the national debate: the planned extension and development of coal-based power plants in Istria, the growing resistance to a wave of energy-poverty related home evictions, and increasingly the mobilisation against oil-drilling in the Adriatic. All these environmental and social struggles fuelled by the resolute lack of consultation, present a strong connection to climate change and offer an opportunity to mobilise from Zagreb to Paris. The message that we want to convey is both positive and empowering. As explained in the Group's climate strategy, priority should be given to the energy narrative of the fight against climate change. We would use this opportunity to promote the fact that it has its own project for Europe- a Green energy union – to convince Croatian citizens about the necessity and added value of having a strong EU. And in the Croatian context, it means starting from the concrete mobilisations for tailoring our message on climate change and raise awareness. Running counter the traditional governmental narrative of jobs and growth in reward for environmentally damaging decision, it's all about how the energy transition can foster new activities and boost employment.


Introduction speech and moderation 
Davor Škrlec, Greens/EFA MEP - Croatia 10:45
Panel discussion
From environmental struggles to climate mobilisation and energy transition
  • Rebecca Harms, Greens/EFA Co-President - Germany
  • Yannick Jadot, Greens/EFA MEP - France 
  • Danka Derifaj, Journalist at NOVA TV - Croatia
  • Robert Pasicko, "Low carbon development" team leader, UNDP - Croatia
  • Jasmina Novak, Entrepreneur on PV equipment
  • Mia Dravović, Policy Expert at the National Energy Efficiency Authority
Discussion with the audience
With inputs from Maja Božićević, Executive Director, NGO DOOR - Croatia 13:15
Conclusion remarks
Davor Škrlec, Greens/EFA MEP - Croatia

Ulaganje u održivu budućnost

Aktivno uključivanje hrvatskog društva u borbu protiv klimatskih promjena i zaštitu okoliša



Uvodni govor i moderiranje
Davor Škrlec, Zeleni/ESS, zastupnik u Europskom parlamentu - Hrvatska

Okrugli stol  
Od problema okoliša do klimatske mobilizacije i energetske tranzicije

  •  Rebecca Harms, Zeleni/ESS, supredsjednica Kluba - Njemačka
  • Yannick Jadot, Zeleni/ESS, zastupnik u Europskom parlamentu - Francuska 
  • Danka Derifaj, novinarka NOVA TV - Hrvatska
  • Robert Pašičko, "Nisko-ugljični razvoj" ,voditelj tima, UNDP - Hrvatska
  • Jasmina Novak, Entrepreneur on PV equipment
  • Mia Dravović, Policy Expert at the National Energy Efficiency Authority

Razgovor s publikom
S komentarima i uvidima Maje Božićević, izvršna direktorica DOOR-a, udruga građana Zagreb – Hrvatska

Sažetak okruglog stola i zaključak
Davor Škrlec, Zeleni/ESS, Zastupnik u Europskom parlamentu – Hrvatska