Islands of Resilience

Presentation and launch of a study

On Tuesday 25 September 14:00-14:30, Greens/EFA MEPs
Indrek Tarand
, Judith Sargentini, Christian Engström
will present a study

Islands of Resilience
Comparative Model for Energy, Connectivity and Jurisdiction
Realizing European ICT possibilities through a case study of Iceland

The internet-using economy is large and growing in many EU Member States.

The digital economy is large and is growing in many EU Member States. In 2010 the internet contributed €467 billion to the overall EU economy and this figure is estimated to double to €853 billion by 2016.

So what are good policies for enabling growth, jobs and resilience in the ICT sector? MEPs of the Greens/EFA Internet Core Group have commissioned a study on a new model and will present it at this event. The model makes it possible to evaluate key risks and enablers in the fields of energy, connectivity and jurisdiction in relation to ICT deployment. The current study uses Iceland as a test case, but the model enables the identification of good policies for ICT innovation and development in any country, both inside and outside of the EU. The study is currently under public review at http://islandsofresilience.eu.