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International Affairs Campaigner

Vacancy notice - Contractual Agent, FG III

The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament is looking for a full-time International Affairs campaigner (fixed-term contractual agent position for six months linked to a maternity replacement, function group III)


Deadline for application: 5th of July, 7pm Brussels Time CET

Starting date: September 2022

Tasks to be performed:

  • Organise and implement a number of campaign projects relating to International Affairs as decided by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament. Report to the Campaigns & Outreach Team Leader, and liaise with the International Affairs Cluster Team Leader, cluster chairs, and the coordinating MEPs of the campaign projects. Work closely with the communications staff and advisors to set the priorities for the campaign and implement activities in order to achieve the campaign goals;
  • Design the strategy and activities relating to a number of time-bound, relevant and public-facing campaign projects that will change over time, and will include measurements of success, targets, tactics and budget, in coordination with the Campaigns and Outreach Unit Outreach Unit and on the basis of guiding decisions by International Affairs Cluster MEPs.
  • Contribute to network building: develop external networks that can help drive the political change goals of the campaign, including meeting with stakeholders, NGOs, experts, think tanks and civil society groups, as well as the wider Greens/EFA political party network across Europe. Ensure that the database of contacts within these networks are managed using the correct internal systems and are GDPR compliant;
  • When necessary, keep informed of developments in the committees related to the campaigns on international affairs and coordinate with the policy advisors using all parliamentary tools available in the European Parliament to best achieve the campaign’s goals. Communicate important committee developments and communicate to the outside world the work of the Greens/EFA group, Greens/EFA group in coordination with MEPs concerned, where campaign relevant.
  • Prioritise external communication. Define media and communication actions together with MEPs working on the issues and in close liaison with the communications department; assist in the preparation of presswork on key issues, where relevant. Communication products have the objective to reach citizens and can include content for information tools and documents (reports, leaflets, articles, video); coordinate the development of online communication activities (social networks, blog entries, media actions, petitions, calls to action, email and newsletters); support the media & press activities of the Greens/EFA group on the campaign issues;
  • Manage Events: plan and organise events (conferences & workshops and campaign actions) inside and outside the European Parliament, aimed at supporting the goals of the campaign projects. Organise and host regular campaign working group meetings internally with the relevant staff, MEPs and invited guests to update and exchange campaign-relevant information;
  • Assist in planning and brainstorming within the wider Campaigns & Outreach Unit to devise strategies across multiple campaigns and themes, by participating fully in the strategic planning of the unit and Campaigns & Outreach team.

Qualifications, experience and desired skills requested:

  • Work experience of 1 year or more;
  • Work experience in the field of campaigning and advocacy in the field of international affairs, notably on international trade, development, human rights, arms exports, democracy and peace-building, or other related issues.
  • Experience working in a political environment with a desire to actively foster EU external relations that contribute to  a fair, human-rights based, gender-equitable, peaceful and democratic international system that is respectful of planetary boundaries, by creating political change;
  • Excellent analysis skills and a proven record of strategic campaign planning, including the design and implementation of campaign strategies;
  • Educational background in line with the function is an asset;
  • Understanding of the key challenges in the EU’s external relations, and the policy solutions, with experience in viewing such policies in terms of campaign opportunities;
  • Familiarity with the Green/EFA Group’s positions relevant for the work in the field of international affairs, and connected issues;
  • Excellent understanding of digital campaigning, including the development of social media, email campaigns and public calls to action;
  • Excellent communication skills, the ability to be self-motivated and a stress-resistant team player;
  • Excellent networking skills; and the ability to retain and foster links with relevant social movements, civil society groups and key stakeholders;
  • Good knowledge of the European institutions, EU legislation and decision-making process is an asset;
  • Proven ability to multi-task and manage multiple requests and projects at the same time;
  • Very good writing skills and knowledge of organisational methodology;
  • Very good knowledge of English and of at least one other EU language;
  • Open-mindedness, communicative attitude and experience in working in a multi-cultural team;
  • Ability to problem-solve, with an emphasis on creativity and brainstorming new ideas;
  • Being a team-player and ready to work flexible hours, including work-related travel.

Under article 82, (3) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS) of the European Communities, candidates must:

  • Be citizen of an EU Member State unless an exception is authorised by the authority referred to in article 6 (1);
  • Enjoy full rights as citizen;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws concerning military service;
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved.

The Greens/EFA group is an equal opportunity employer. We promote diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment. In case of equal appreciation on competence and suitability for the position, preference will be given to female applicants.

In case of interest in this position, send a motivation letter with your CV by e-mail only to Greens/EFA HR department (Greens.HR@ep.europa.eu) before 5th of July 7pm CET (Brussels time)






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