Beyond the ceasefire in Syria

International community must support peace plan

Since the beginning of the violence last spring, the situation in Syria has escalated and tens of thousands have lost their lives. The ongoing civil war in Syria is engulfing the region in a humanitarian catastrophe as the international community stands idly by. However the announcement today by UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi's that the Syrian government and most of the rebel factions have agreed to a truce during this week's Muslim holiday Eid boosts hopes that a significant breakthrough can be made. But only if this is followed up by international support

Commenting on the announcement, Greens foreign affairs spokesperson Franziska Brantner said:

"With signals for a possible ceasefire in Syria, the international community should now support Brahimi's plans for peacekeepers and resources for a peacekeeping mission to actually keep the truce and stop the humanitarian tragedy in Syria. The European Union should signal its readiness to assist if desired so by the international community."

The Greens tabled a motion for resolution in September calling on the EU to increase pressure and provide greater support to refugees and in April called out Cyprus and Germany for shamefully being complicit in weapons shipments to the Assad regime.

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