End of EU milk quotas

31 March 2015 was the end of 31 years of milk quotas. On that day the European Milk Board (EMB) organised a strong symbolic action in front of the European Parliament. This way, European dairy farmers intended to denounce the fact that there are no sufficient crisis instruments for the time after the quota. The follow-up system reveals major shortcomings. In the future, dairy farmers in Europe will have even less market power that would allow them to defend their interests.  To foresee and to prevent crises EMB calls for the Implementation of a market responsibility programme. As Greens, we support EMB on this aspect and showed support to milk producers at the action on 31 March.

Watch the videos of our MEPs at the 31 March action

(English/French/German) English - Molly Scott Cato - EU milk quota end. Crisis management remains necessary
Français - José Bové - Fin des quotas laitiers en Europe: quel avenir pour les producteurs? Deutsche - Maria Heubuch - Der letzte Tag der europäischen Milchquote. Was nun?

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