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Viktor Dimchev

Press release

Bulgarian Vice Prime Minister wants to expulse Ska Keller out of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government coalition party National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria today published a statement signed by party leader and Bulgarian Vice Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, demanding Ska Keller to be expelled out of Bulgaria. Ska Keller is President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament.
The attacks came after Ska Keller hold a speech at yesterday's protests against the commercial exploitation of the Natura 2000 protected Pirin National Park. 
The Bulgarian government took over the European Council Presidency in the beginning of January. 
Ska Keller commented:
"These words are shocking and inappropriate to a Vice Prime Minister
I have been an active politician for many years and I never heard anything like this before, neither inside the European Union  nor outside.
In a democracy it is important to respect critical opinions. 
Obviously, the coalition partner in the Bulgarian government is very nervous about the Bulgarian people protesting against the government and standing up for their rights."
Ska Keller joined yesterday's protests in Sofia and is visiting Pirin National Park and Kresna Gorge valley today. The Bulgarian government has amended a management plan which would allow further construction in Pirin and plans a motorway through the valley. Both sites are Natura2000 protected. Today, Ska Keller meets locals protesting against both projects. 
The whole text of the declaration was published on the website of the party (in Bulgarian):

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