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Court ruling shows need for EU law on humanitarian visas

European Court of Justice ruling

The European Court of Justice has given its ruling on humanitarian visas in the European Union. The judges have ruled that humanitarian visas for refugees are not compulsory under EU law. The issue of humanitarian visas is currently being negotiated in the trialogue between the governments of the EU Member States, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Commenting on the decision, Greens/EFA MEP Bodil Valero said:

“While the Court has ruled that there is no legal requirement for Member States to issue humanitarian visas, there remains a clear moral case for doing so. As the possibility to issue national visas on a humanitarian ground already exists, but is not used, the ruling demonstrates the clear need for EU legislation on humanitarian visas. The European Parliament has already taken a clear position in favour of issuing visas on humanitarian grounds, and it is now for the governments of the EU Member States to make sure this is reflected in EU law. The European Union cannot close its doors to those fleeing from war and violence."

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