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Double standards in the EU are unacceptable

Single Market/Product quality

The European Parliament has called for an end to the practice of companies producing different quality products for different parts of Europe without the consumer being clearly informed of such a difference. Following on from consumer outcry, after it was revealed that same-branded products have been marketed with differing qualities across Europe, the European Parliament has voted on a report condemning these practices. The Parliament is calling for appropriate measures at EU level to stop companies from engaging in such practices.
Igor Šoltes Greens/EFA member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection comments:
"It's not just unfair to consumers to market the same-branded products with lower-quality ingredients in different countries, it's bad for peoples' health and for consumer confidence. People expect the same quality from the same brand whether they buy a product in Lisbon or Ljubljana. That's why it's great news for consumer rights that the European Parliament has seen the need to condemn these crooked corporate practices and is proposing a common set of tests to assess how widespread the practice is and the establishment of  a public database to inform consumers across the EU of such practice."

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