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Call for a UN peace conference for Egypt to prevent bloodshed and guarantee an inclusive transition process

Commenting on the continued mass protests and escalating violence in Egypt, MEP Franziska Brantner, foreign affairs spokesperson for the Greens/EFA group stated:

"I am deeply concerned about the current developments and increased violence in Egypt and believe the international community should do more than stand by and watch. The EU and USA must send a strong message to the Egyptian army that they will not support it following a military coup. At the same time, the EU and USA must urge President Morsi to both find a peaceful solution to the crisis and call for early elections, failing which it will stop any financial support.

In addition, the EU should call on the UN to send a mediation mission to Egypt to broker a peaceful transition and avoid further bloodshed. This process has to be inclusive, based on broad consensus with all the groups present and should guarantee peaceful resolution of the current crisis and a consensual, democratic way forward. These efforts have to be followed up with the re-launch of the Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries, inviting a broad-based Egyptian delegation to meet with donors with the aim of setting out a roadmap for a more inclusive and democratic process through which Egypt can build an inclusive, democratic and prosperous future."

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