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Electronic communications

MEPs see sense and vote to uphold net neutrality

The European Parliament today voted on proposed EU legislation on electronic communications (the Single Digital Market package).  The Greens/EFA group welcomed the outcome of the vote, which redressed some concerning provisions for the principle of net neutrality. After the vote, Greens/EFA e-communications spokesperson Amelia Andersdotter stated:

“Thankfully, a majority of MEPs has seen sense today and voted to uphold the principle of net neutrality in the EU. The proposals by the Commission, which would essentially have given large providers the all-clear for discriminating against users as they see fit, have been revised. Today's vote would explicitly provide for net neutrality and will hopefully ensure a level playing field for all online services and users, providing for a more open internet environment in which innovation is encouraged.

"We now hope EU governments in Council will endorse this approach. Information online should not be subject to discrimination, blocking or interference by internet access providers. This is what net neutrality implies: guaranteeing an open and free internet, where everyone can have access and contribute to the same online information. Clearly, today's vote is important but we will have to remain vigilant to ensure any future threats to net neutrality can be headed off."

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