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Special summit needed to keep Greece in the Eurozone

Commenting on the results from today's referendum in Greece, Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts stated:

"Whatever judgment one might have on its circumstances, the result of the referendum has to be respected by all. The European Union and Greece are facing a deep political crisis and their response will have a major impact on the future of European integration. A majority of Greek citizens want to remain in the Euro and it is in the interest of all Eurozone countries that this remains the case. Both the Greek government and Prime Minister Tsipras and the leaders of the Eurozone have to explain their views on how to make this possible and they have to come back to the negotiation table without further delay. We therefore call for a Eurozone summit this week, to find a new deal. 

We believe it is in the interest of Greek and EU citizens that a lasting solution be found to the current crisis. No-one should underestimate the gravity of this situation, not only for Greece but for the entire European Union; now is the time when all leaders must demonstrate responsibility."

In our view, the components of the deal should include the following:

1. Immediate financial help so as to avoid a formal default of Greece and ensure its financing needs for the coming months, against conditions that make economic sense and are socially just; this financial assistance should also provide the Greek government with the financial room to address the country’s humanitarian emergencies;

2. A restructuring of the debt so as to make it credibly sustainable over the medium term;

3. Assistance to stimulate sustainable investment in the country, making sure Greece is in a position to exploit the possibilities available in the EU budget;

4. Finally, the Greek government must commit to implementing the long-overdue fundamental reforms that the country needs and has failed to address ever since the end of the dictatorship four decades ago. First and foremost, this entails leaving a culture of clientelism for one of a well-run, rules-based administration, especially in the field of taxation. The European Union and its member states should also provide political and technical assistance in this area.