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Horizon Europe Programme

Quote from Jakop Dalunde MEP

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 17 April), the European Parliament will vote on significant investments in climate research and the development of green technologies through the Horizon Europe research programme. At least 35% of the EU's research budget will be invested in climate-related research and innovation under the programme that will succeed the Horizon 2020 programme. The plenary session of the European Parliament will debate the Horizon Europe programme shortly.

Jakop Dalunde, Greens/EFA MEP and shadow rapporteur on the Horizon Europe programme comments:

"The agreement reached is an important step in the right direction to reach net-zero emission. With more than a third of Horizon Europe’s budget being earmarked for climate-related expenditure, EU is sending the right signal in order to leverage additional public and private funding in order to solve the global challenges at our doorstep.

"The readiness and deployment of the next generation of climate technologies needs to speed up. We need innovation now. This kind of investments will help turn the climate challenges we face into opportunities for development, jobs and scientific advancements. This agreement is beneficial for companies, researchers and those who are dedicated to finding solutions to the climate crisis."

The debate can be viewed live here:

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