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Minority rights

MEPs want EU action on homophobia and LGBT discrimination

The European Parliament's civil liberties committee today voted with a large majority in favour of a report calling for an EU roadmap against homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Commenting after the vote, EP rapporteur/draftsperson and Green civil liberties and LGBT spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek stated:

"MEPs have today made clear that homophobia should no longer be tolerated in Europe. Despite EU legislation to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation, there is still massive discrimination, bullying and violence - in schools, workplaces and in everyday life situations. To address this, MEPs have today supported the call for an EU roadmap against homophobia and discrimination based on sexual identity.

"The European Commission must finally outline a coherent approach at EU level, with concrete action against this undermining of European values​​. The strong support from almost all political groups for this report shows that homophobic tendencies in Europe are losing ground and a large majority in Europe no longer wants to accept this intolerance. Homophobic laws are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in Europe. We now hope for broad support from all political groups for this important issue."

The report will be voted on in February 2014 by the European Parliament as a whole.