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Monti Report

Reform of EU's own resources system urgently needed

The Monti Report has today been given the backing of the European Parliament’s Budget committee. The report marks the end of the mandate of the High-Level Working Group Own Resource to develop recommendations for the reform of the income side of the EU budget. The Commission is expected to decide this year if it will make a proposal for a reform of the Own Resources System.

Greens/EFA MEPs Ernest Maragall, Indrek Tarand, Helga Trüpel and Monika Vana published a study in December of last year, detailing what elements an effective Own Resource System should contain. The report is available here.

Commenting after the vote, Green MEP Helga Trüpel, said:

“It is clear that the EU budget needs urgent reform on the income side. The pressure of multiple crises in the EU, Brexit and the upcoming work on the next MFF open a window of opportunity for a fundamental reform of the EU budget towards a stable, sufficient and sustainable financing.  A stronger system of own resources could help end the zero-sum battles between Member States and allow the EU to better respond to the pressing challenges it faces.

"Our group has already provided some key ideas for what an ambitious own resource reform could look like. In particular, ecological own resources have the potential to make use of the transformative power of the EU budget to make significant progress in the areas of environment, energy and transport. They can also contribute significantly to tackling harmful tax competition and tax avoidance. 

"The incoming Budget Commissioner Oettinger needs to deliver on his commitment to develop this year a proposal for a true reform of the Own Resources System. The Member States have a responsibility to stop barring these necessary reforms of the EU budget."

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