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New Galician MEP joins European Parliament

Press release from EFA in the European Parliament

Ana Miranda of the BNG (Bloque Nacionalista Galego) becomes the European Parliament's newest MEP as of this Wednesday 28 February.

Ana was previously an MEP during part of the 2009-14 legislature when she served on the Petitions and Fisheries committees.

Ana Miranda said that she looked forward to working with others to defend Galicia's interests in Europe, and work for a more democratic Europe of the peoples that rejects neoliberalism.

She indicated that she would focus on particular important sectors for the Galician economy such as fisheries, and language rights.

She also said that she would immediately push for the European Commission to further look into the terrible Alvia train crash at Angrois, near Santiago de Compostela in 2013 which led to 80 fatalities, and many injuries.

Ana Miranda MEP said:

"It's a great honour to represent the Galician people in Europe, their priorities are my priorities and those of my party.

"We reject the neoliberal view of a Europe of elites and will always defend a democratic Europe that puts people first.

"Europe is clearly at a cross roads, as is the Spanish state. For both, these next years will be decisive and we must do everything possible to ensure that popular democracy, and the right to self-determination, triumphs over the rigid, centralised, statist approach.

"Europe must be built by the people from the bottom up, not by the elites from the top down, if it is to survive and succeed in future."

The BNG is a left-wing, pro-European national party which promotes Galicia's right to self-determination and the status of the Galician language. It defends a social model which promotes sustainable economic development with a focus on the welfare of citizens. In its global outlook, the BNG is anti-imperialist and works for peace and disarmament.

Ana will join the EFA (European Free Alliance) Group, part of Greens/EFA.

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