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Presidential election Austria

Van der Bellen win shows a progressive alternative is possible

The president of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, Philippe Lamberts, reacts to the victory of Alexander Van der Bellen in the Austrian presidential election:

"The victory of Van der Bellen gives hope for the whole European Union. He shows that there is an alternative that is not right wing populism. That with Van der Bellen a candidate from the Green family has succeeded makes us happy. After Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump, he has shown that another way is possible, not the destructive approach that sets us against each other, but one which takes a common European approach.

"The victory of Van der Bellen does not mean that politicians in the EU can now lean back and continue with business as usual. We all have to take Van der Bellen as an example and prove to the citizens that there is a viable alternative to the politics that aims to profit only the few. We want a fair and democratic Europe that makes citizens proud again."

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