Press release

Refugee crisis

EU-made humanitarian crisis in Greece has created need for new assistance mechanism

The European Commission today announced the provision €700 million in EU funds over three years to support EU member states in tackling humanitarian crises, notably with regard to the acute situation in Greece. Commenting on the announcement, Green migration spokesperson Judith Sargentini said:

"This new emergency aid again underlines the failure of EU governments to accept their responsibilities in this refugee crisis. The current humanitarian crisis in Greece is a result of the caps introduced by EU member states, the closing off borders and the refusal to allow the relocation of asylum seekers from Italy and Greece. Clearly, refugees in Greece need to be helped: they should not be victims of EU governments' failure to find a common solution, which addresses the crisis.

"The only lasting solution is for EU member states to start accepting their responsibility to relocate asylum seekers and resettle refugees. This mechanism should not exonerate member states from their current commitments to relocate, resettle and provide funds. It is scandalous that many EU governments are instead moving in the opposite direction. This is not helping those in need of international protection and prevents the solidarity and responsibility-sharing within the EU."