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Results must not be dictated by Orbán and Seehofer

EU (mini) summit

In the run-up to next week's EU summit and the planned mini-refugee summit on migration this weekend, Green/EFA Group Co-Presidents Ska Keller and Philippe Lamberts comment:

“It would be disastrous if this summit ends with a deal tailored to the demands of Seehofer and Orbán. This would bring the horrible conditions in Hungary - with transit zones, refugee children imprisoned and borders sealed - to the whole of Europe.

“This summit should be used to put the solidarity back into European refugee policy. If we are going to end the suffering on the Mediterranean, we need binding resettlement quotas, humanitarian visas and a fair distribution of refugees across Europe. Shifting our responsibility to protect refugees to countries such as Libya - where people are being tortured and enslaved - is inhumane. 

“We need a common European solution. Merkel's plans for bilateral deportation agreements with other European countries would only exacerbate the failings of the Dublin system, and could spell the end of freedom of movement in Europe.”


The Greens/EFA group presidents, together with the presidents of other political groups, wrote this week to Council President Donald Tusk. The letter demands that the heads of state and government deal with the reform of the Dublin system and follow the decision of the European Parliament. You can view the letter here: