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European Parliament calls for round table to resolve crisis

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the situation in Ukraine. Commenting after the vote, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms stated:

"The European Parliament has today sent a clear signal to President Yanukovych. MEPs have called for the urgent convening of a round table at which not only the government and opposition should sit, but also, on an equal footing, representatives of civil society and students who are currently protesting in Maidan Square.

"The EU must do all within its power to support those in Ukraine who want a different future. The country needs a European perspective and this includes agreeing concrete measures in support of the pro-European movement, such as a further visa liberalisation.

"At the same time, EU member states should consider targeted sanctions against those responsible for the violence against the demonstrators. They should not be allowed to enter the EU and should be held to account for their actions."

Green foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz, member of the EU-Ukraine cooperation committee, added:

"Only a round table can deliver concrete results for those currently demonstrating. This could lead to a referendum on Ukraine's future but could also lead to new elections. Setting too many preconditions for these discussions would be counterproductive. A priority must be to ensure an end to violence and the release of all political prisoners. Success for the opposition and civil society in Ukraine would also be a strong signal to the suppressed civil society in Russia that violence and repression cannot stop a determined democratic movement."