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Women in business

EP calls for increased share of women on company boards or mandatory EU quotas

The European Parliament today adopted a report on women in business, calling on businesses to increase the number of women in leading positions or face EU quotas. After the vote, Green MEP Marije Cornelissen said:

"The current situation where only 12% of board members and 3% of CEO's of big companies are women is unacceptable. Business leadership cannot be the domain of old boys clubs. Our message is clear: if business is unable to increase the number of women on boards significantly by next year, they should face quotas. Quotas work, as the case of Norway demonstrates, where the introduction of a 40% quota for women on boards has proved effective." 

Green MEP Raül Romeva added:

"The EP has sent a clear message to businesses and member state governments on the need to increase the share of women in leading positions. MEPs have called on the Commission to come forward with a legislative proposal on women in business leadership by 2012 with binding targets and quota in case steps taken by companies and Member States do not work. If business believes in self-regulation, they will have to hurry up and prove that it is effective."

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