Women and Climate Change

Prize winners and finalists of the essay contest

Climate change and climate impacts are not gender neutral.  Gender equality is a critical component of responses to climate change at all levels - it should be integrated in all aspects of climate change planning and decision making.

At first glance, it might seem unintuitive to link climate change and gender issues. However, since societies still largely rely on gendered roles and responsibilities, both sexes do not have the same impact on climate change, and perhaps more importantly, are differently affected by it.

The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament and the Green European Foundation launched a call for paper in March 2011, selected the best essays and published them.

The Prize Winners are :

  • Meike Werner (1st place)
    Klimawandel und Powerfrauen in Nicaragua – wie ökologische Landwirtschaftund Empowerment zur Anpassung beitragen können (Climate change and ‘power women’ in Nicaragua – how organic farming and empowerment can contribute to adaptation
  • Claudia Gimena Roa (2nd prize)
    Impactos de la Crisis Climática en la Vida de las Mujeres de la Región de Santander, Colombia (Impact of the climate crisis on the lives of women in the region of Santander, Colombia)
  • Irina Tasias i Compte (3rd prize)
    Mujer en lucha, naturaleza en paz (Women at war, nature at peace)

The finalists are :

  • Fouad Khan
    Nani, Khidr and the Aesthetic Bias of the Universe – Why Gender Inclusion Matters
  • Krishma Sharma (Nepal)
    Women and Climate Change – Most affected yet least heard
  • Sabrina Regmi
    Rural Nepalese Women’s Issues in Climate Change
  • Yeeshu Shukla
    Enhancing community resilience through engaging women in the climate sensitive Sunderbans delta of West Bengal, India

 The best essays of the Prize winners and the finalists have been published.

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