We will leave a light on - action Brexit
We will leave a light on - action Brexit Greens/EFA

Climate change, trade, human rights, social issues, protection of European values or Brexit, you name it, our Group fought every battle in the European Parliament!

What the Greens/EFA stand for

For 35 years, we have been making a difference and fighting to make Europe the global leader in terms of climate and environmental protection, peace and social justice, fair globalisation, and in the fight for human rights.

Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster

Message from Japanese Senator Taro Yamamoto

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Privacy Shield

Max Schrems interviewed by Jan Albrecht

Green Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Safia Minney - Founder and CEO of the clothing company People Tree

TTIP action

If you're not at the table you're on menu

Taaks Avoyd — Ikea's tax avoidance scheme

Information video about Ikea's tax practices


Plenary speech by Rebecca Harms

UK's EU membership - Alyn Smith and Jill Evans

Vote must respect all constituent parts of UK

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COP 21

Plenary speech by Yannick Jadot

Real Driving Emissions

Plenary speech by Bas Eickhout

Even if you are on the side of the car industry, you cannot accept that a technical committee is adjusting what we decided as co-legislators

Situation in Poland - minority rights & Silesia

Plenary speech by Josep Maria Terricabras

Keeping Poland and Europe together

Plenary debate on the situation in Poland

The Greens/EFA Co-President Rebecca Harms called on the ruling majority to ensure full respect of the rule of law and to listen to the increasingly vocal movement of Polish citizens who oppose the changes threatening freedom of the media and the independence of the judiciary in Poland

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The circular economy —a transformation for all

Video about the circular economy

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Cartooning for Peace

Ulrike Lunacek

Making the positive case for EU membership

Plenary speech by Jill Evans