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Greens meet Changemakers

During a three-day event, Greens/EFA will welcome hundreds of "changemakers" from around many organizations of most European countries. This lab will be the opportunity for us to listen, share and take stock!

Can Europe afford not to sanction against discrimination and racism?


A Greens/EFA conference

Few groups have historically been so persecuted, discriminated and harassed than the Roma people. In almost all of Europe the Roma minority were and have been denied the right to permanent housing, labour and education, which is still the prevailing situation of the majority of Roma. Today we see a new wave of anti-Ziganism. The Nazis organized in the 30's a battle against what they called organized begging. Have we learned anything from history? How should we respond to harassment and threats against Roma today?

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Why Soil matters?


A European perspective

Soil is a living ecosystem, which is essential for human and environmental health. A healthy living soil sustains biodiversity, protects and nourishes crops and contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation. But soil is under threat today.

The future of the Eurozone


Greens/EFA conference

WATCH THE EVENT LIVE A public debate with : Peter BOFINGER, Member of the German Council of Economi...

Press Freedom - Keeping Journalists Safe


Panel discussion hosted by EFA MEP Jordi Sebastià

The European Free Alliance (EFA) & Jordi Sebastià MEP are hosting a panel discussion on Pr...

The European Public Prosecutor


A proper approach to fight economic crimes and ensure fundamental rights?

Watch the event live Keynote: Mireille Delmas MartyProfessor at the Collège de France, Chair of...

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The Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing


LIVE press conference 27 october 2015 10:30-10:50

Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts present the key issues of the plenary session and of the European agenda for the Greens/EFA group

Research for transition


What kind of research do we need to make European farming and food systems sustainable?

WATCH THE EVENT LIVE OBJECTIVE The conference needs to focus on the pioneering role of organic f...

Transport policy and climate agenda (COP 21)


A Greens/EFA conference

This conference will deal with the impact of the different means of transport on our climate. What are the lessons to be learned on testing emissions from cars ? Do we still underestimate the impact of the air sector on the atmosphere and greenhouse gas emissions?

A longer life-time for products


a win-win solution for European consumers and businesses

It seems we have to replace consumer products more and more frequently. Often it is cheaper and easier for consumers to buy a new product than to repair it or replace parts. There is little incentive to prolong the life of a product through repair, nor to re-use or recycle it. It is ever more apparent that resources are becoming scarcer and in the future this can cause serious problems for the environment and the economy. This Greens/EFA conference therefore aims to examine the win-win benefits of a longer product lifetime, for consumers, businesses, society and the environment.