Jan Philipp Albrecht

Function Member
Phone Brussels+32-2-2845060
Phone Strasbourg+33-3-88175060

European Parliament
ASP 05 F 343
Rue Wiertz 60
B-1047 Brussels

European Parliament
LOW T0 5119
Allée du Printemps-B.P. 1024/F
F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Greens / EFA Group Member
Committees Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (Vice-Chair)
Internal Market and Consumer Protection (Substitute Member)
Terrorism (Special committee) (Member)
Delegations Israel (Member)
Australia and New Zealand (Substitute Member)
Web https://janalbrecht.eu/
Social Media https://twitter.com/janalbrecht

Relevant Articles

US & UK surveillance of EU citizens

Jan Philipp Albrecht

Negotiations on free trade agreement with USA should be put on hold the US. We refuse to accept that consumer and data protection could be sacrificed for the sake of the TTIP. The US must accept common data protection standards in the proposed Framework Agreement with the EU.

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Surveillance and espionage

The EP must stand up for strong data protection

Commenting on the Prism and Tempora surveillance programs and the spying attacks by the US National ...

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US 'PRISM' surveillance scandal

Third countries and IT/social media companies must comply with European data protection laws

Commenting on the exchange of views today in the European Parliament's civil liberties committee wit...

Respect my Privacy


Data Protection in the EU

With the revision of EU rules on data protection currently reaching a crucial phase, and new revelations about covert data mining by US authorities emerging amid ongoing negotiations on an EU-US agreement, the Greens will launch a campaign on data protection.

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Passenger data/privacy

EU PNR vote prevented by chicanery, as data protection concerns abound

MEPs had been expected to vote this week on a recommendation from the European Parliament's civil li...

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EU cyber attack legislation

EU anti-hacker law takes totally flawed approach to internet security

The European Parliament's home affairs committee today voted to endorse a legislative agreement reac...

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Fundamental rights and justice

EU-wide right to lawyer established; a breakthrough for basic rights

EU rules on the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings were finalised in...

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Clinical trials

Clear and robust transparency is needed

The Greens believe there need to be clear and robust transparency requirements on clinical trials. It is no longer acceptable that pharmaceutical companies can withhold data from clinical studies on medicines for which they seek or have obtained authorisation. Clinical study reports should be made publicly accessible.

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Passenger data/privacy (PNR)

Rejection of proposed EU PNR system a boost for basic rights and the rule of law

The European Parliament's civil liberties committee today voted to reject a proposed EU system to st...

Smash Smart Borders!

Grüner Protest gegen die Aufrüstung Europas zur elektronischen Festung

Die Grünen Europaabgeordneten Ska Keller und Jan Philipp Albrecht haben heute die Protestfotos der Aktion "Smash Smart Borders" an die EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström übergeben. Grüne und AktivistInnen aus Deutschland und ganz Europa haben sich mit einem Smash-Foto an der Aktion beteiligt, um gegen die Aufrüstung Europas zur elektronischen Festung zu protestieren. Die Aktion richtet sich vor allem gegen den jüngsten Vorstoß der Europäischen Kommission zur Grenzüberwachung, "Smart Borders".

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EU data protection rules

EU ministers must not water down data protection legislation

EU justice and home affairs ministers are set to discuss draft EU legislation on data protection tom...