Michael Cramer

Function Member
Phone Brussels+32-2-2845779
Phone Strasbourg+33-3-88175779

European Parliament
ASP 08G104
Rue Wiertz

B- 1047 Brussels

European Parliament
LOW T0 5115
Allée du Printemps-B.P. 1024/F
F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Greens / EFA Group Member
Committees Transport and Tourism (Member)
Delegations EU-North Macedonia (Member)
Web http://www.michael-cramer.eu/


  • 1969 - 1974 Higher Education in Music, Sport and Education.
  • 1975-1995 Secondary-school teacher in Neukölln, a district of Berlin.
  • 1989-2004 Member of the Berlin city parliament and spokesman for transportation issues for The Greens in Berlin.    
  • since 2000 Initiated the realisation of the BerlinWall Trail, commemorating the diversion and reunification of Berlin.
  • Lecturer at the Political Sciences Department of the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • since 2004 Member of the Greens at the European Parlament.
  • Publications: "Berlin Wall Trail-The Book" (2001), "Berlin Wall Trail" (2003), "San Francisco Bay Trail" (2004), Publisher: Esterbauer.


Relevant Articles

Road Transport
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Parliament vote on mobility risks creating second class workers

Mobility Package

The majority of Members of the European Parliament, have voted in favour of exemptions for a range of transport journeys from the Posting of Workers Directive.

Trucks on highway
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EU governments must abolish modern slavery on Europe's roads

Mobility Package/Transport

"It is a victory for trade unions and all those working towards fairer working conditions that the European Commission and a cross-party group of MEPs were unable to pursue their anti-social aims in the Transport Committee. " said Keith Taylor

Bikes in a train
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More compensation and greener commuting for rail passengers

Passenger rights

MEPs voted for rail passengers throughout the EU to have a greater entitlement to compensation without the loophole of force majeure, for full rights even when travelling with several railway providers, and to be able to take bicycles on the train.

Road Transport
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A new instrument to fight climate change and air pollution

Transport/Eurovignette Directive

The European Parliament voted on a future EU-wide toll for trucks busses and vans, which will apply the Greens/EFA core demand for a 'polluter-pays' principle that would take into account CO2 emissions and road construction costs.

Bikes in a train
Picture credit : david-hellmann - Unsplash

Creating Liveable Cities


How to Achieve Sustainable Urban Mobility

Three out of four EU citizens currently call a city home. Achieving sustainable urban mobility should therefore be a priority. Creating liveable cities, where car commuting is the exception and a combination of public transport, carpooling, biking and walking is the rule, is essential if we are to safeguard the health of EU citizens and deal with climate change.

Road Transport
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Transport committee told to try again after MEPs reject mobility package

Workers’ rights

The fight for the rights of lorry and bus drivers is still alive, after the European Parliament rejected a set of legislative proposals on driving and rest times, posting of workers, and cabotage.

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Posted workers/transport: weak mandate must be renegotiated

Quote from Terry Reintke

A majority of MEPs have just rejected the negotiating mandate for posted workers in the road transport sector. MEPs voted to overturn the decision made in the Transport Committee, where Social Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives voted against social rights such as minimum wages, adequate rest periods, local collective agreements and legally secure entitlement to allowances for travel, accommodation and food.

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car emissions © Mike Schmidt
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Toll systems must reflect environmental costs

EU Road Tolls

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism committee has today backed proposals to reform EU-wide car tolls. The report includes a number of demands of the Greens/EFA group.

Road Transport
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Commission needs to get serious on CO2 from trucks

Mobility Package

The European Commission has today presented its third mobility package, intended to reduce CO2 emissions and improve road safety.

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EU should strengthen air passenger rights

Ryanair cancellations

A plenary debate is taking place on the cancellations of flights by Ryanair and the enforcement of the regulation on air passenger rights. Greens/EFA MEP and Chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, Karima Delli, comments ahead of the debate.

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Loopholes must not undermine good progress on passenger rights

Rail Passenger Rights

The European Commission has published its proposals on updating the European rules on rail passenger rights. The Greens/EFA group welcomes the moves to ensure equal passenger rights across the EU, but has concerns with the so-called force majeure clause.

Missing Links


Any progress ?

Although the European Union has invested billions of euros in large-scale infrastructure, the European railways remain a patchwork. There are still numerous “Missing Links” along national borders that hamper the daily mobility of citizens.